Orlando, FL | May 14, 2022

Pharm So Hard Podcast Presents:

Phun in the Sun Tour


Tickets on Sale Now.

Space is limited: 40 tickets


WHAT IS Phun in the Sun Event?

Phun in the Sun is an annual summer tour provided by the Pharm So Hard Podcast, that serves 1000+ healthcare professionals who come to learn, teach, and network with each other. Together, we're building a connection between entertainment and education in the acute care pharmacy sector.

We will highlight hospital systems and their acute care pharmacy programs that include emergency medicine, critical care, cardiology, neurology, internal medicine, nephrology, and transitions of care pharmacy practice models.

The proceeds of this tour will go towards the PharmGrad WishList to provide resources for minority and underserved pharmacy students.


Pharm So Hard Podcast's Phun in the Sun Tour will be an immersive and invaluable experience taking place over the Summer of 2022. 

Each trip will be made up of engaging presentations and panels from some of the brightest minds in acute care pharmacy and interactive networking sessions with food and beverages. The Phun in the Sun Tour is designed to take you on a step-by-step journey through each city's acute care pharmacy practice and engage in the local festivities with a group of fun pharmacists, nurses, physicians, and other healthcare professionals.

We're changing the way we talk about pharmacy and taking networking to a new level!

"With everything you do, make sure you Pharm So Hard"

Friday, May 13th:

Available to interview pharmacists and other healthcare professionals and highlight the services provided by local institutions. Send an email to jimmy@pharmacyfridaypearls.com if interested.

Saturday, May 14th:

5pm-6pm: Greetings, Interviews, and networking

6pm-7pm: Dinner and Live Podcast Recording on Tenectaplase vs Alteplase for Ischemic Stroke

7pm-8pm: Send Off and Happy Hour

**Hours are subject to change. Please check back for updates.